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Solstice Citrine Ring

Solstice Citrine Ring

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Solstice is the event happening 2 times a year, around 20 or 21 June, and 21 or 22 December. The event occured as the longest and the shortest day of the year. We call it summer solstice and winter solstice respectively. The science behind this is the angle of the earth to the sun when orbiting. 

However, we are not here to lecture about solar system hah! Though we are inspired so much from the natural phenomena that we could not help but to design the ring for this special occasion.

We create this citrine ring as a symbol of the sun for its bright yellow colour and for the one, you, who will wear this to remind 'you are the sun' and the world just evolve around you.  

• 9k gold, 1.16 g 
• natural gemstone, citrine, 2.40 ct
• eagle prong setting
• microsetting

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