Our Values

We strongly believe that jewelry is kind of a token of remembrances. You don’t just wear the jewelry but a moment, a feeling, or even a vibe. Jewelry are meaningful items, and something that is significant shouldn’t be made of something that is not last long. It should be timeless physically and mentally. Made from precious materials; you’ve become a museum of yourself.

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✨ Real Solid Gold

We source our gold from responsible artisans only. We pay up front and fair price, most importantly no child labour. Our 9k gold are our own special recipe so that our gold colour is light yellow gold that compliments every kind of skin tone. 

💎 Natural Diamonds and Gemstones

There is nothing in this world is more amazing and fascinating than these diamonds and gems. The youngest diamond is older than the first known human existence; truly a gift from Mother Nature, juicy and colourful; nurturing with years of handicraft; Their sparkling shines like no other elements in this world.

🏷 Fairly Priced

Our goal is to make you feel good, to be a part of your journey, hence, we make our own jewelry so that we can compromise with the prices. Truly a luxury taste that doesn’t hurt the bank account.

⚒️ Handcrafts

Made in Bangkok, made by hands, and made to last. Our artisans work in jewelry field, not for just couple of years, but up for decades. They have been working with our family ancestors and their skills are passed from generations to generations.