Our Story

Modern world these days are hectic and stressful. We don’t really live life, more like passing by. Most of the time we only find ourselves get to enjoy life through holidays. In fact, it’s what we live for, almost desperately cannot wait for the next trip.

Whenever the holidays approach; it’s amazing how much radiant a person can be. It’s only because you’re just ready to burst yourself into happiness. it’s holiday glow. You plan your look of the day, pair these tops with these trousers, and a little bit touch of gold, some jewelry.

And just like that, you serve the look and you become a holiday stunner yourself!

Holiday Stunners is inspired so much with this idea. We love how all women become someone happy and that’s the derivation of our brand. We want you to feel like you’re on holidays everyday. Why? Isn’t it great to be stunning 365 days a year? This is also why our jewelry are made from precious materials—gold, diamonds, and natural gemstones—together with our well-thought dainty designs that you get to wear everyday and never again a working day. This is a true investment in YOU.

Ploy, MD and Founder

I still remember the first moment that I wore my first piece of jewelry. It was a diamond solitaire pendant necklace. I felt beautiful and in awe as how jewelry dressed me up and took me to the subtle elegance. Even I love jewelry so much though I couldn’t help but notice the price tags and designs. Most of the time, It was expensive and gaudy. That was the beginning how I developed Holiday Stunners. Affordable real gold jewelry that is timeless and tasteful.