Bespoke Jewelry by Gems Dialogue

Welcome to our special service, purely for your indulgence.

“Take your pleasure seriously” Charles Eames
Yes we get it that this quote is about furniture. Nevertheless, it’s just perfect for our service.

Bespoke jewelry is one-of-a-kind service that you will get to decide and design every single detail. The jewelry is made to order and options are limitless; not just picking the colours and karat of the gold or stones; you will get to decide the shade and the clarity of the gems, the prongs that will set the stones, the thickness of the band etc. Every detail of your needs and wants will be investigated and we will fulfill every request.

Bespoke VS Custom-made

No, it’s not the same. Even they both are very similar, some definitions and working processes are overlapped but it’s still 2 different things.

Let’s take this as an example, The simple initial round pendant, you get to choose the colour of gold and alphabet, this is a customisation; for bespoke, you get choose more than that, what about the thickness of the round pendant? How about the alphabet? What about the font, do you want serif or san serif? The measurement of the alphabet, how big is it?
We can go on but we think you see the point and the differences now.

If you’re interested in our bespoke jewelry service, simply contact us and get quotation.

Our Bespoke Service

Inheriting from family jewelry business, we have over 40 years of experiences. Our original designed jewelry are mainly exported to America, Europe, and Australia. It has been our breath and our way of life to make these jewelry. Our team is ready to correspond every aspect of you needs. 

Get in touch with us by simply click the button below and tell us about your piece. The information should include: 

• ring, earrings, pendant, necklace, etc
• the k of gold (9k - 18k) or platinum
• your thought on the piece how it looks like, roughly. You do not need to draw well. Our team will read the brief and portray your thought through drawing or 3d CAD.
• if you have a budget in your mind, please do tell us. Be realistic. 

After this stage, we shall deliver you a quotation. Everything can be adjusted to you preference. The gems and diamonds will be sourced upon your desire. Half of the payment will be asked to deposit and continue to the next stage where magic happens.

Some of Our Bespokes